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Stand Out From The Crowd

First impressions matter, and your Google Business Profile(GBP) listing is often the first thing potential clients will see when they search for your company. Have you googled a certain food and a few restaurants pop up, but none of them are convincing? Well, do your customer a favour, make it easy for them to decide to turn to your business. At MarkRanc, we know what it takes to make your business stand out 0 Local SEO Malaysia. Our team of GBP specialists have built a proven optimisation pipeline to ensure your business is seen and ranked top in the GBP. 

Think of GBP as a toolkit for you to quickly showcase your business, where a decision is made within minutes after searches have been done. GBP are tailored to be a local listing where your business is located, meaning you can generate better quality leads and it is likely for you to convert customers. Customer decisions, however, may depend on your business’s credibility, which is the rating you received. So it’s also important to be able to provide a product or service that gives customers a reason to rate you high. But worry not, there are strategies that we can use to maximise this marketing tool when your business is young and does not have much review yet. The best part? GBP is free to use.

The features of Local SEO Malaysia

Improve Local rankings

Your business in GBP is listed based on ranks relative to other businesses with similar keywords. How you are ranked in the list takes into account engagement signals including reviews & Google’s Q&A, which will directly influence your online reputation. With the right strategy, we can help you top your local rank!

Brand reputation​

To be able to fully utilise GBP service, it is crucial to maintain your brand’s reputation, as it is a core to the GBP’s search algorithm. When you partner with MarkRanc, you can sit back and focus on your business. We will come up with strategies for you to take care of your reviews, maintaining the optimum condition for your discoverability. 

Engage and Captivate​

Building connections with customers is one key aspect of successful marketing. GBP has key features that support business-to-customer interaction, allowing you to build relationships with customers and understand them. Get people to know and understand your business by sharing offers, blogs, products and photos, they work like a charm! Here at MarkRanc, we are ready to help you solidify customer relationships via on brand reply strategy through a personalised customer relationship management system to help you reach more customers. 

Outranking Competitors​

As GBP shows a rank of businesses with similar keywords, outranking your competitors is an important vantage point to capture. Our team of experts in GBP optimisation (Local SEO) can give your company an edge by strategizing and maximising the GBP features and tailoring your listing so it can rank in the top. 

Performance Reporting Insights​

Every strategy needs an evaluation to improve and be more efficient. At MarkRanc, we are constantly looking for ways to refine our strategy that suits every need of our clients. GBP will provide various statistics and insights regarding your business, and see the results of your optimised Google Business Profile!