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Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving with the development of new technologies and algorithm optimisation. If your business isn’t changing along with them, you’re losing the game because your competitor can adapt better. Successful Healthcare marketing requires deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, engaging customer journey, organic SEO, and creating compelling user experiences that generate ROI. 

Our seasoned team of healthcare SEO analysts, healthcare content writers, and SEO-savvy developers at MarkRanc are ready to answer this challenge. We have culminated more than years of experience across every healthcare specialty needed to stay on top of current trends, engage high-intent audiences, outrank competitors, and make sure you are always visible. We combine Expert SEO Analysis With Integrated Marketing Strategies to formulate a strategy for you to win the game. 

We’ll work in lockstep with your in-house team to audit, analyse, optimise, track, and continually improve your website based on Google’s algorithm changes and updates. A comprehensive audit is the first crucial step. Audit allows us to evaluate your current situation in SEO efforts, make immediate high-impact changes, and create a thorough project plan to quickly boost page rank and visibility.

MarkRanc SEO Services

On Page SEO

MarkRanc’s team of healthcare SEO content writers are ready to help you increase your online visibility and make sure that the right people see what they need. With the assistance of our healthcare SEO specialist and content writer, we can boost conversion rates by publishing original value-rich pieces optimised with keywords tailored specifically for your business. This process is enhanced by an optimised Meta Tags, heading and utilising SEO friendly images to get the right keywords your audience is searching for.


Off Page SEO​

Off-page optimisation is essential for building brand credibility and expanding exposure online. 

In the Healthcare line, success is about obtaining reputable websites to link to your high-quality content. A trustworthy reputation and credibility will go a long way, since customers are concerned about their health and safety. Partner with MarkRanc and let us help you demonstrate your industry expertise. We leverage social media marketing, link building and influencer marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings.


Technical SEO​

Technical SEO is the process of improving your website and server so that search engine spiders can crawl and index your site more efficiently. This helps to improve organic rankings and visibility. The approach involved  includes optimising a website’s backend condition such as improving page speed, site architecture, navigation and URL structure, among others.

Local SEO​​

Let MarkRanc help you to attract high-intent customers by refining the local SEO for your business with Google Business Profile Optimisation. Statistics show that 93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business. Google uses a user’s location based on IP address and geolocation to determine what results to show the user. So when someone performs a local search for healthcare related keywords, Google will display local businesses relevant to their location. This is how Local SEO comes into play, by optimising possible searches based on your location. 

Link Building

Ranking higher in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is one of the key tenets of digital marketing. You would want your website to appear first when people search for keywords related to your business. However, it is not all about keywords! Ranking higher in SERP is also greatly influenced by backlinks. The practice of link building involves building one-way hyperlinks to a website in order to improve search engine visibility. Public relations, email outreach, broken link building, and content marketing are all common link building strategies. That’s the reason you need MarkRanc, we have a dedicated link building team to cater your website’s needs!

eCommerce SEO​

Have you met websites that are confusing, too plain, boring, or not user-friendly? Same, we hate those too. When you opt for a MarkRanc rapid website, we’ll help you create an experience that users love. Effective UI/UX can greatly improve your conversion rate, and we care about this. We’ll use our knowledge to inform your site architecture to ensure that all buttons stand out, graphics pop off the page, and forms are responsive. Don’t worry, We’ll handle this.