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Social media has grown to be one of the most prominent and significant digital spaces, where users may promote their brands and products using a social platform freely accessible by millions of users daily. When you’re not properly making use of social media, you’re at a huge disadvantage against competitors who are able to convert the audience while at the same time building their brands. Don’t let this opportunity slip away, allow MarkRanc to assist you in setting up and strategizing your social media marketing. 

One key advantage of social media marketing is that it allows you to reach a huge targeted audience almost instantly just after placing an advertisement, lowering your cost. By utilising channels that your potential clients frequently use, you can reach out to your target market rapidly and effectively. Another advantage of social media is its strong user base in major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Xiao Hong Shu, and TikTok, where most users spend the majority of their waking hours and are exposed repeatedly to your brand.

Being a business on social media, you may want to leverage on these users’ preferences in order to generate significant leads. Social media platforms can assist you in attracting the right clients by providing the appropriate information at the opportune point, as well as helping you in strategically showcasing your product or brand to potential buyers with the help of our partner MYSense. MarkRanc partners with MYSense, a Creative & Influencer marketing agency in Petaling Jaya that focuses on the design, marketing, technology, and strategy needs of our clients. We help businesses integrate powerful and effective social media marketing strategies. MarkRanc may just be your best bet to reap all the benefits in this technological adoption, as we are probably the best facebook marketing agency malaysia.

4 Steps Process for Healthcare Social Media Marketing


A project without clear objectives is one bound to fail. At MarkRanc, everything we do is purposeful, not aimless work. No, we don’t do that here. In order to define a company’s basic objectives, we conduct stakeholder and user interviews. MarkRanc immerse ourselves in the organisation and client related industry to understand what you really need. We do this by conducting various research, from both internal and external sources, determining the company’s position within the market, and pinpointing competitive advantages. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to learn every detail necessary in a project, plan how to accomplish objectives, and provide measurable ROI. In an effort to develop a long-term vision and strategy for developing a better experience for everyone engaged, our goal is to investigate the relationships between team members, systems, and use-cases.


Our digital team has years of experience working with clients of all sizes to develop extremely effective design solutions for a range of industries, including education, retail, financial services, healthcare and medical among others. For each of these industries we have worked with, MarkRanc always provides the best. Our team of experts creatively developed various content ranging from digital art, appealing captions, and even unique gimmicks to attract audiences, all strategized in order to achieve the objective set in the beginning. The implementation of our creation often includes building social applications for Facebook and other networks to launch integrated campaigns for multiple channels and touch-points.


Creativity is a vital part of any successful strategy, but without good implementation it’s just so much hot air. Even the best ideas will fail if they are executed carelessly. In MarkRanc, we pay close attention to even the tiniest detail to ensure a masterful execution of strategy that will help your business to thrive and succeed. Our team put great efforts in creative problem solving supported by realistic and reliable implementation plans. What we do is effective. Each time.


Success is often determined by the results that were obtained in exchange for the time, money, and resources used to accomplish a particular goal. By employing a tried-and-true technique, MarkRanc is able to assess the effectiveness of each task taken on and use this data to continuously enhance what we do. Setup of Google Analytics tracking code, statistics, reporting, and metrics are some of the tools we use to measure the impact of the implemented marketing strategy. We also have an unofficial evaluation of our strategy, the feedback from our clients. hear for yourself what they said about us.

MarkRanc Healthcare Social Media Marketing


Facebook Marketing

It’s safe to say that Facebook, the leading social media platform in the world, is a great platform to promote your business. According to Hootsuite research, Facebook is popular across a wide range of demographics, including gender and age, so there’s a strong possibility that your target audience is using facebook. Facebook started as a platform where you can connect with one another and share content online, but as time progresses, they expanded to accommodate businesses with the opportunity to advertise their goods and services there. below are just a handful of the many ways that Facebook advertisements might assist you in reaching your campaign objectives:


  • Brand Awareness: Expand your audience and expose potential customers to your items.
  • Consideration: Drive traffic to your website, take advantage of lead generation through opt-in emails, blog posts, and content, and communicate with potential consumers using Messenger.
  • Conversion: Create a Facebook Shop to improve the shopping experience for customers, boost traffic to your online and physical stores, and boost conversion rates.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram, well-known for its glossy images and videos, is a more suitable platform for businesses wanting to showcase their goods that have aesthetic value and are simple to use in visual media. With an engagement rate 58%, higher than Facebook’s and 2,000% higher than Twitter’s in 2016, Instagram boasts a sizable user base that is significantly younger than that of other advertising platforms. With this data in hand, Instagram advertising may be your best choice if your company is looking to target the younger, socially active generation.

With our experienced partner, MYSense, Instagram advertising can be directly connected to your product page or a different landing page, allowing quick and simple connectivity between products, even though organic posts and stories could potentially be better ways to increase traffic to your website. 


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has seen a rapid expansion in recent years, both in the number of influencers and customer base. Riding this undying trend, firms can make use of Influencer marketing strategies to advertise their goods by receiving endorsements from online influencers and content producers towards their audience. Influencers, or key opinion leaders (KOL), are people who have well-known expertise, credibility, and engagement in the community where they grow their base, and therefore effective in marketing. They are able to extend their trustworthiness and credibility, especially to new brands not known to the majority of the audience, to influence the decision making that lead to a purchase of a product. 


The influencers are not limited to social media and blogs, other creators like podcast hosts, online personalities, and radio hosts can also be considered, depending on your targeted  community and size of audience.  Whatever their objectives are, businesses can really gain from leveraging their marketing strategy with influencer marketing. influencers can assist you in increasing your customer base, producing good quality leads, generating revenue, or simply spreading the word about your company. In any case, it’s a wonderful idea to begin developing your influencer marketing approach today with MarkRanc. 


LinkedIn Marketing

As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn has a sizable user base of professionals and can target clients based on their job qualifications, giving you a better precision in promoting your business to your targeted market. As a result, LinkedIn is mostly addressed for businesses. Given that 69% of US members of LinkedIn make $50,000 or more a year, this platform often has the highest average disposable income and the highest-quality leads in particular industries. However, rather than directly targeting consumers, LinkedIn’s nature makes it better suited to B2B advertising campaigns than most other platforms, which tend to concentrate on B2C advertising. Comparing LinkedIn to other platforms, LinkedIn tends to produce greater outcomes for service organisations and B2B product enterprises, and therefore requiring a different strategy and approach for effective marketing. But fret not, we at MarkRanc are experienced with different marketing platforms, let us be of service to you.